Why is SEO so important?

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Why is SEO so important?

Below contains several reasons why SEO is so important.

  • Seo or better known as search engine optimization is vital for variety of different reasons, for instance if your website didn’t appear in search engine it would mean less business for your firm, which means not only you’ve lost potential customers but you’ve lost them to your competitors.
  • Many old generation generally don’t believe in SEO which is one huge mistakeĀ  due to the fact that they have to adapt to new environment. If businesses fails to adapt to their new environment; then they will simply go out of existence.

How to start using applying it basic steps

  • Ensure you have a web domain that’s not spammed or has been penalised previously.
  • Find your target keywords
  • Is your target keywords achievable?
  • Check your competition. Are you able to beat them?
  • Ensure your content has on-page SEO which enables Google Spiders to understand it and rank you.
  • Make sure you have great content that users share with their friends/family.

Different type of SEO tools

There are different type of SEO tools out there which you could use for your advantage and these consist of the following:

  • Majestic or Ahrefs – Both amazing tools that enable users to check backlink of your competitors
  • ScrapBox – Amazing tool that enables users to find expired domains & mass comment on multiple wordpress blogs in an seconds!
  • Privacy Policy – Automatically creates privacy policy for your business
  • Way Back – Amazing tool to see website’s history; so in other words you could see your competitors website and how over time they slowly change their website.

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